Shipping and returns

envios-devoluciones-EN.jpgShipping Costs

Shipping Costs will be calculated according to the preferential rates of our transport logistics service.

For example: For orders under €35 (VAT not included), shipping will cost €6.50 (VAT included) and for orders over €35 (VAT not included) shipping will be FREE.

Order Dispatch

Orders will be dispatched with a renowned transport agency within 2-7 days of the date they are ordered.

Orders will not be delivered to P.O. boxes.
The delivery period described will be effective if the client is found at the delivery address during this period.

The order will be cancelled in either of the following two scenarios:
- Delivery cannot be made, having been attempted on three occasions.
- If there is no way to contact the client in the nine days following the first attempt to deliver the order.

Payment methods

Paypal or bank transfer.