Propolis + echinacea capsules


Propolis + echinacea capsules (60 capsules of 530 mg)

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Propolis is a resinous substance set that bees get from tree buds to cover and protect the hive. Propolis has bioflavonoids, resins, essential oils, beeswax, pollen and various minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Propolis is a substance obtained by bees from tree buds and processed in the hive, making it a potent antibiotic with which they cover the walls of the hive, in order to fight bacteria, viruses and fungi that can affect it. Flavonoids are the active component with more antiseptic function, it also contains resins and balms, minerals and vitamins, particularly provitamin A and B vitamins Echinacea is a plant that has been traditionally used by American Indians, especially to heal wounds. This plant is considered as one of the best natural antibiotics. NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Nutritional value per 100 g .: - Protein 6.5 g. - Carbohydrates 75.3 g., - Fats 12.1 g. Energy value (kcal / kJ): 436.1 / 1822.89 - Copper: 0.063 g. Nutritional value for 3 capsules: - Protein 103.35 mg. - Carbohydrates 1197.27 mg., - Fats 192.39 mg. Energy value (kcal / kJ): 6.93 / 28.98 - Copper: 1 mg. (90.90% CDR *). (*) Recommended daily allowance). INGREDIENTS: Propolis d.e. (Propolis) (12% Galangin) (250 mg.), Echinacea purpurea d.e. (Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench) (4% chlorogenic acid) (150 mg.), Hydrolyzed brown rice (23 mg.), Copper gluconate (14% Cu) (2.38 mg.) (0.33 mg . Cu) and magnesium stearate (anticaking agent) (8.62 mg.). Vegetable gelatin (shell) (96 mg.). HOW TO USE: RDA: 2 to 3 capsules daily. Directions: Take 1 capsule at mealtimes. ACTION FIELD: Propolis and Echinacea are immunostimulating plants, they increase the body's defense mechanisms. In addition, due to their polysaccharides content they possess significant anti-inflammatory and anti-edema activity. Antibiotic and antiviral action too. Propolis and Echinacea are useful in prophylaxis and adjunctive treatment of respiratory conditions. WARNINGS: Not recommended in pregnancy, lactation, liver disease or allergy to bee products. It is necessary that a health professional evaluate the pattern and treatment in cases of tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, severe autoimmune diseases. Its use must not last longer than two months, leave the body stand for 1 week before continuing treatment.

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